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Tobias Schrott

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In the last few years, in particular, the hotel business has been striving more and more for the quantity chasing one overnight record after another. Challenges such as the wealth distribution, the guests’ interest changes, and, last but not least, the genuine identity of our hosts have taken the back seat.

To be honest, it feels really good to be shaken up in 2020 and ask ourselves how we can create a communal, diverse, and sustainable tourism of the future. After all, neither we nor our guests are numbers, are we?

Even if there are a few hosts who provide a positive example, most companies are really comparable in terms of marketing. Too often, the hotel facilities, the location, and, no less important, the price become a strong selling point as if we have worked in the real estate industry. But, finally, isn’t it people and heartfelt moments that make the vacation unforgettable in tourism? If that's true, why is it so neglected in sales? Even if we already know that our guests crave for more individual and personal holiday experiences more and more.

From selling overnights, to selling memories...

There is no industry that is more suitable for creating unforgettable and authentic customer experiences than tourism. Luckily, more and more hosts are starting to emphasise their personal strengths and passions instead of showing off the square meters of their SPA facilities.

It also makes sense if we think about the fact that the growing number of guests prefer a private picnic under the sky full of stars to a 5-course stay in the new dining room. Or why a silent meditation in the forest gets more likes and shares than the new cardio area. New times call for new measures, and these tendencies are a true relief for hotels and their employees.

Ignoring the star category, 2020 is a wake-up call for all hosts to leave the old beaten track and open up new prospects regarding tourism offerings and marketing!

Digitisation helps us to build our identity, i.e. what really defines us as a tourist provider tangible for the whole world, and thus to address exactly those guests that we really want.

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Tobias Schrott
Tobias ist der Gründer und CEO von Giggle.Tips. Der 28-jährige Unternehmer und Tourismus-Enthusiast verfügt über mehr als +7 Jahre persönliche Erfahrung in der Hotel-Marketing-Beratung und gründete sein erstes Unternehmen im Alter von 17 Jahren. Tobias hat bereits Teams von +20 Personen für mehrere technologische Entwicklungsprojekte in Berlin und Innsbruck geleitet und verfügt über einen Master-Abschluss in International Business and Management.
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